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Jig Equipment Introduction

Jig Equipment is designed for the jig design of mine. Jig Equipment also belongs to Gravity Separation Equipment.Such as hop jig can be used as such as gold jump jig and selected metal ore jigging machine or coal mine hop jig and selected non metallic minerals hop jig. The jig is mine in our country developed separation equipment, used for separating placer gold minerals. Mine hop jig development has become a mechanization of modern processing equipment, variety, a very wide application, can adapt to different working condition properties of different minerals sorting. Gravity equipment for jig can be divided roughly (mine jig), spiral chute, shaker. Nearly 20 years, my company production of gravity equipment especially mine jigging machine has reached the advanced level in the world, in the mineral processing industry play an important role. More Jig Equipment, Spiral Chute, Concentrating Table ~~

Jig Equipment part products

Shandong Xinhai Mining Technology & Equipment Inc. produced mine Jig Equipment, Concentrating Table, spiral chute, equipment excellent performance in terms of reliability, stability and durability to impress each customer. For we will give each customer the most reasonable Jig Equipment, Spiral Chute, Concentrating Table price and best quality service.

  • LTP-34/2 Jig Equipment

    LTP-34/2 Jig Equipment is a small double chamber jig equipment. The machine utilization of water as a medium for gravity separation, in accordance with the proportion of useful minerals and gangue (density) poor sorting and enters the skip of ......

  • 2LTC-366/8T Jig Equipment

    2LTC-366/8T Jig Equipment is a side movable jig. It covers an area of small area, the operation is simple and convenient, in recent years the latest R & D and production of a kind of high efficient, energy saving and environmental protection type ......

  • 2LTC-6109/8T Jig Equipment

    2LTC-6109/8T Jig Equipment also is known for trapezoidal hop jig (side moving diaphragm jig equipment) is a kind of gravity concentration equipment. By using water as medium separation, according to the proportion of mi......


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